The front door of any home is an important feature for three reasons; it is a crucial factor influencing a home’s security and its insulation. And the front door can have a big impact on a home’s curb appeal.


Most people enter their home through the front door, it just so happens that is also the most common way that intruders break-in. A new, secure front door might be the first step to securing your home if you have an older Wisconsin home with an antique door that you don’t want to destroy with a new lock system. Most older, outdated front doors cannot provide the security needed to keep unwanted people out. By installing a new door, you are improving your home’s security to keep you and your family safe.

Energy Efficient

Not only will your home be safer with a new front door, it will be more energy efficient. An older door is more likely to have holes or leaks in it, allowing outside air to get inside and inside air to get outside. No matter the weather you will be leaking out cold or warm air. The more cold or hot air that gets inside, the more costly your heating and cooling bill will be.

Curb Appeal

And last but not least, the first impression of a house, the curb appeal can be dramatically improved by the front door. Since the front door is a focal point for most homes a quality front door will set the tone and improve a home’s appearance.

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